Friday, September 23, 2011

A Little About Me.

First things first. I am a Christian, a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend. I have 2 children. A boy who is almost 6 and a daughter who is almost 3. I have an amazing husband whom I love dearly. I am a Stay At Home Mom. I am the Room Mother for both of my children's classes. This is a new thing for me. My son just entered "Big School" this year. A.K.A.-5K. My daughter attends 3K at another school. I am so blessed to have the opportunity to do this, this year. I also have the chance to come into my son's school and help out in other areas. This is very important to me because when my son says "So-and-so..." I want to know who so-and-so is. I want to see what he is doing in school, not just what he brings home in his folder.
I also enjoy couponing. I am not one of those couponers who can go to the store and get $300.oo worth of groceries for $2.15. If I can save half of what I spend, I am THRILLED! I have also just recently decided to begin The Total Money Makeover. I know some of you might read that and think, "wow,she is about 3 years behind the bandwagon." I am an inpulse spender so I think this will be a great thing!
I also enjoy running and working out. I was a fitness instructor up until the beginning of the summer. I know that when I start back running and hitting the gym next week, it will be like starting alllll back over again. I am looking forward to it though. Not running or working out, I feel like I am taking advantage of gifts that God has blessed me with.
I am VERY Type A. You know those people. The types that have their Christmas Cards finished before Halloween. They can turn to any month for the next 6 months and tell you if they should have anything on the calander. The menu is planned out for a month. They don't like disruption to their schedule. Yeah, that's me. I wasn't always like this though, believe it or not. Having children changed me. I can't run a household smoothly with 2 VERY active children and not stay on top of things. When I say active, I don't mean like running and climbing the walls. They do that too though! But they each have a few activies that they each participate in  each week.
Some people think that I push my children too much and don't always let them just be children. I don't feel that way. I danced when I was younger but that was it. Both of my parents worked CRAZY hours so that was all I could do. I want to nourish their interest when they express interest. I want them to strive to do their best. I see so much potential in each of them,that I just want to help them bring it out. I don't want them to settle for average. It is not an average worl out there. It is a dog eat dog world and it will be even worse in roughly 20ish years when they reach the work force. Average might not cut it then.
But this is just a little about me. Nice to meet you!

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  1. Great first post!!! You have 2 followers and they are both me. Sigh.....I signed in with the wrong account the first time. LOL I have a blog for my scrappy stuff and my home life stuff. So now you can get to both I suppose. :)