Monday, September 26, 2011

Church Shopping

Up until about a year ago, we were members at a church that we were very actively involved in. As does every church, there was drama. I know that some of you are thinking "My church doesn't have any.Thank goodness." WRONG! You just don't know it. It IS there and every church has it. It reached a point though where I was unhappy and so my loving husband, being the man that he is, decided to go along with my idea of church shopping.
Now when I think of shopping, I think of something that easy to do. Church shopping is NOT easy. Parent 1 has certain needs that need to be met. Parent 2 has some of those same need but not all of them but they also have some that Parent 1 doesn't have. Then you add children into the equation. Child 1 is older and can do more. Child 2 is still pretty young but old enout to have needs, not just nursery. This is a hard thing to do. Meet ALL those needs. And find it in 1 place.
Fast forward 1 year. We are back to our starting point. Kinda. We have yet to find that place where everyone can agree. Church 1 that we originally began in has changed some. Lo and behold, there are more options now to meet more needs of all 4 of us! I don't know yet that it is where we are suppose to be but there is no happenstance with God. No coincedences. Who knows, but for now, we will see.

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